Canada, BC, Burnaby

Technical Skills

Fluency in C/C++
• 3+ Years Game Programming Experience
• Strong data structures, logic, and algorithm skills
• 2D and 3D game development
• Unity Engine 4.x and 5.x C# Fluency
• Windows Development
• Object Oriented Programming
• Engine Programming
• Graphics Programming
• Gameplay Programming
• Network Programming
• AI Programming
• Agile Development
• Wwise Implementation and Usage
• Unreal Engine 4
• Strong Linear Algebra and Physics skills
• Microsoft Visual Studio
• Component Based Architecture

Previous Work Experience
Akimbo Creations (August 2016 – November 2016) – ARC: Continuum (PC)
Languages: C++ (Unreal 4)
Arc Continuum is a third-person action adventure game where players must make use of space and time itself to strategically overcome enemies. I worked with and implemented a combination of both C++ and Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. I Implemented animation using UE4 animation blueprints systems. I used UE4 Wwise integration to implement audio. I developed and programmed weapons and player character mechanics in a third-person game. All while writing clear, maintainable, portable, and client/server compatible code and working in a large team environment.

Previous Project Experience
Game Production Workshop: Violet Light and the Forever Machine (PC)
Languages: C# (Unity)
A 9 month long project developed with 3 programmers and 3 artist, all in collaboration with Simon Frasier University. Violet Light is a Mystery Solving 2D Visual Novel Puzzle game created from scratch with all original resources and programming. I programmed systems for gameplay, UI, and cut scenes, as well as dialogue with localization/multilingual support functionality. I also wrote the systems for exploring the environments in the world and examining items. As well as a Demo/Attract mode that auto plays gameplay during the title screen if you leave it on long enough.

Portfolio Piece: Hammer Girl
Languages: C++ (Unreal 4)
Hammer Girl is an Unreal 4 project that uses Paper2D and is written entirely in C++. It features a platforming character that can run, jump, climb, and throw a hammer. The main feature is the hammer element. You can throw a hammer to lodge it into a wall, allowing you to create a new platform that you can grab, climb, and walk on. The hammer uses projectile motion projections and equations to calculate the required torque to allow the hammer to rotate and land perpendicular to the surface it will collide with.

Portfolio Piece: Project Harmony
Languages: C++
Project Harmony is a 2D Action Adventure RPG game created almost entirely from scratch in C++. Minus the Simple Game Engine given to us by our instructor. The game features sword combat, an inventory system, context sensitive HUD buttons, enemies, health, stamina, and various combat moves such as a dodge roll. The game features a Level Editor tool which allows you to create your own tile-maps for use in the game. The Tile-Map editor features 3 layers of tiles; a lower cosmetic layer, an invisible collision layer, and an upper cosmetic layer that appears over top the player.

Global Game Jam 2016: The Binding of Beliefs
Languages: C# (Unity)
The Binding of Beliefs is an infinite 2d runner where you perform rituals that alter the way in which you perceive the world. I worked in a team of 2 other programmers, a designer, and an artist during a Game Jam to create this project. I wrote the systems that control the player and the world, as well as the wisp spawning system (the collectibles in the game.)

The Art Institute of Vancouver (2014-present)
Visual and Game Programming Diploma
Dean’s Honor Roll
3.5 GPA
Team Project Lead Developer

Relevant Classes
Algorithms and Data Patterns
Artificial Intelligence
Gameplay Programming
Software Development & Testing
Game Tools & Pipelines
3D Graphics & Applications
2D Games Programming

Favorite Games: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Mother 3, Chrono Trigger, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Terraria, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls, Bastion, Transistor, Don’t Starve, Cave Story, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Quake 3